Now you can tile floors without any mess...again & again & again

The Perfect Solution for

  • Showrooms
  • Shopping Malls
  • Office Space
  • Retail Space

No down time.
Simply peel-up and set tile
all in the same day!

TAVY 008
Temporary Underlayment
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TAVY 008 Compound Finished Tile Floor Peel up individual tiles or whole floor to reveal unharmed original slab underneath to retile again and again

As a tile setter for over 50 years, I have been asked by many showrooms to donate my time and expertise to assist in the setting of showroom flooring. I have never met a professional installer that enjoys setting tile over tar paper, newspaper or other sub-standard underlayments. In addition, setting tile over any membrane not compatible with mortar sounds hollow, so shop owners are confronted with multiple problems when determining if they should update their showroom floors:

  • Do we tile directly to the sub-floor and create a future re-install nightmare?
  • Do we tile over tar paper or similar material and have hollow sounding tiles?
  • How do we coordinate tear-out and re-install to minimize interruption?

What if there was a new product that will solve all of the major issues for installing and re-installing showroom tile? Would you believe me? You should!

I am happy to introduce you to the TAVY 008 Showroom System. I like to say that my system is EASY TO INSTALL and EASY TO ELIMINATE. You can now install your newest tile designs and tear-out that tile as often as trends change. The system won’t care if you leave tile down for 1 month, 1 year or 5 years. The tile will feel permanent, look permanent and sound permanent.

The 008 System is unique since the installed tile floats over the sub-surface, making removal of the tile quick and easy with less effort, less debris and zero dust. You can remove a standard 12x12 tile in under 5 seconds, wipe-up the 008 compound and you have returned the sub-surface to its original condition. You’re now ready to re-tile the same location immediately after removal. This will significantly minimize the disruption to your showroom;
allowing your customers to know that you are “Open for business” even while your showroom is freshened up.

Since your showroom is the key to your sales and profits, being able to maintain an up-to-date look is critical to your success. Most of your customers cannot look at display racks and visualize the tile on their kitchen floor, but if the latest style is installed in one of your showroom vignettes then your customers will be drawn to what is already there. The TAVY 008 Showroom System will give you the ability to display the newest materials with the latest features, finishes and design elements without mess, dust and the downtime you currently endure.

I am so confident in my system that I am offering a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Contact us at 1-800-FOR-TAVY (367-8289) and you can get started updating your showroom without any of the hassle and mess or my name is not Armen TAVY.

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